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Help Me With A Poll?

By - February 14, 2009

I’m testing out a new poll widget, and to do so FM has asked me to help with some internal research we’re doing to understand an industry (mobile carriers). If you are so inclined, might you take a minute to take the poll?

NOTE: We’re not asking which one you HAVE, but which you PREFER, IE, think is the best.


<a href="">Which mobile carrier do you prefer?</a> | <a href="">BuzzDash polls</a>

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20 thoughts on “Help Me With A Poll?

  1. brock Pernice says:

    prefer verizon. use at+t for iphone

  2. Special Dee says:

    I clicked Verizon but couldn’t tell if the survey worked. That’s my answer: Verizon.

  3. Tom Crowl says:

    Not sure about the best…

    But certainly one of the most disastrous mobile carriers was poor old Typhoid Mary.

  4. Cheap domain says:

    Hi John, i clicked T-mobile and and my vote was registered immediately – worked! Will this widget be available commercially?

  5. DaNeil says:

    i cant tell it if took mine

  6. Dick Davies says:

    Picked T-Mobe as they have become super.

    Really liked teh widget. INstant recording and don’t have to wait to see results.

    ciao for niao,

  7. Todd says:

    Widget isn’t great for non-techies. Not obvious where to click, no obvious feedback when you do vote.

  8. Bertil Hatt says:

    Not American. Just to point that out to you if you do more polls, and this ends up being relevant.

  9. I am clicked T-Mobile. Because this firm is working perfect and has full configurate platform. T-Mobile is having 19$ for T-Mobile used one person. I am thinking it is big money and firm is has big technology.

    John, pool is wonderful, thanks you and thanks a lot for BuzzDash.

  10. isabel maxwell says:

    My personal great service comes from mo-call –

  11. isabel maxwell says:


  12. ramakrishna says:

    its working, but i cant make out any difference when compared to other polling products available in the market.

  13. ttnet says:

    Thanks you too much, this is nice and wonderful and good and perfect and i love you : )

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I have Sprint and am in a contract for another 6 months. Will switch to AT&T for the iPhone as soon as I can.

  15. Jmatt says:

    Tough to tell if/when it captures your response. iPhone got me to At&t after two painful years with Sprint. Dropped calls all over the place are an accepted way of life for iPhone folks. Verizon is the only half decent service out there.

  16. Flug says:

    Hey john i clicked for T-mobile, because i use it for a long time without problems ore something else!
    Great service all the time!
    But i think the basement is( low cost´s etc.), that i´ve got alot of friends which also use T-mobile…

  17. jgcnsf says:

    Voted for T-Mobile. Updated immediately. Positively cool. You instantly see the results, how many voted and the percentage change

  18. Ronald Pottol says:

    I picked T-Mobile, as they do not have a land line monopoly and did not turn over everyones information when the Bush administration asked (in clear violation of the law).

    Oh, and they are GSM (sim based), have great customer service, and they are the only carrier with the relatively open Android phone (the G1).

  19. I went to the widget from Google Reader and then to Firefox 3.0.6 on Vista. I clicked T-Mobile at 11:44 est, but saw no response.

  20. This is def not functioning. If you click on the Buzz Dash icon lock-up in the bottom right of the widget it takes you to a page that shows examples that are working as the developer intended. The working examples are nice, btw.