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Google Joins Twitter, Crushes Yahoo's Numbers

By - February 27, 2009

I noted earlier that Yahoo had joined Twitter, and thought out loud about a combination of those two. I’ve also thought out loud about Google, and this week the company also joined Twitter. It’s interesting to note the differences between the two.

First, Yahoo joined earlier, but has 5200 followers, compared to Google’s nearly 30K – all in the past two days. Second, the voice. Google’s first post was too clever by .5:

“I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010”

Sorry, I have no idea what that signifies, though I know it’s binary for something.


“Hello, world. We’re going to give this Twitter thing a whirl. (Hey, better late than never)”

Human, but a bit cute.

Yahoo joined mid Jun and is averaging about 300 new followers a day.

Google joined two days ago and is averaging about ten times that many a day.

Can that keep up?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If a team at Google and at Yahoo (and Microsoft AND Facebook, for that matter) are not scraping Twitter and figuring out how to build TweetSense, they most certainly should be.

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13 thoughts on “Google Joins Twitter, Crushes Yahoo's Numbers

  1. Josh says:

    The Google message was “I’m F E E L I N G L U C K Y” in ASCII.

  2. bruno fiorin says:

    It means “I’m feeling lucky!”

  3. Google’s first tweet translates to I’m Feeling Lucky.

  4. Justin Ried says:

    I just KNEW there’s be almost simultaneous decodings in the comments. Way to move fast, Josh!

  5. DJ Chang says:

    Great binary minds at work.

    For the right brain viewer, follow the Yahoo, Google contest at – a photo/video/Twitter chat view of the contest.

  6. nmw says:

    Google’s so-called participation is completely ludicrous — see +

  7. diego says:

    It’s not just the followers. Check out how much Yahoo and Google are mentioned on Twitter:

  8. Imagine if the extra traffic from Google joining stretched the Twitter servers to breaking point, leading them into the arms of an acquirer…

  9. John says:

    Sorry to correct Josh, but it’s binary, not ASCII

  10. Ole says:

    binary -> ascii -> character

    01100110 102 f
    01100101 101 e
    01100101 101 e
    01101100 108 l
    01101001 105 i
    01101110 110 n
    01100111 103 g
    00100000 32 space
    01101100 108 l
    01110101 117 u
    01100011 99 c
    01101011 107 k
    01111001 121 y
    00001010 10 \n

  11. Darren Tan says:

    Exactly, i followed them. 🙂

  12. Gugler says:

    Who cares about Twitter? Seriously, either Google or Yahoo or Facebook could make a Twitter clone and put Twitter out of business within two years.

    Twitter is one of those things where heavy users think it’s the bees knees, but is absolutely irrelevant to the rest of the world; overall the user behavior is similar to IRC or general message boards.

  13. Follow the leader leader leader
    Follow the leader
    Hands up, down
    Hands up, down……