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Travelin' on a Big Day

By - January 19, 2009

I’m traveling to NY for a few days this week, and alas, will be on a plane during part of the inaugural speech. But I am very excited that a new era is dawning, and I hope we have both patience and high expectations for our new government.

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6 thoughts on “Travelin' on a Big Day

  1. Here is fascinating reading while you are traveling.

    The History of Modern Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations 1.0

    A valuable collection of resources.

    Would like your perspectives on how the NEW tech era will compare to the traditional decades from now in terms of creating social movements

  2. Tom Crowl says:


    May he help us restore America’s good name which has been so tarnished by the Neocon fantasy that somehow we’d reached the “End of History” and that the Bush view of the world had won!

    Here’s something I wrote a few months ago on what the idea of America actually is for me:

    America is much more than some clever structure to facilitate individual success.

    America has a meaning. While it has certainly been tarnished by its own actions both now and in the past, and been falsely accused of sins for which it is not guilty; and those for which it is…

    Behind it there are ideals which must survive for the sake of more than just us, but for the sake of the whole world.
    Some of them are certainly:

    No one person has a monopoly on truth.

    Power must be dispersed.

    Structures must contain checks and balances and self-correcting mechanisms.

    Fundamental rights must be guaranteed to all.

    Citizenship is both a privilege AND a responsibility.

    Freedom can be transitory; it is not guaranteed but must be guarded.


    I speak of America as an idea. An ideal. The reality has always fallen short. But there are things that can be done.

  3. Curtis says:

    Any exciting day, indeed.
    Best wishes to President-elect Obama. He’s got years & years of work facing him….all of which needs near-term attention.

  4. Tom Nocera says:

    It is truly “A Big Day” – many will say the “biggest”. Best wishes to our new leaders. The work that needs to be done beginning now is monumental. But, it will get done.

  5. JG says:

    It’s an amazing new dawn. I am excited.

  6. Shawn Drewry says:

    Okay dokay John 🙂

    This is my test blog comment “you can leave it in place” to make sure my blog comments are going thru a-ok. 🙂

    From your friend on facebook,