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5 thoughts on “Omidyar and Twitter

  1. nmw says:

    Sorry, but twitter is getting old. Now they launched their own suggestion tool: totally ridiculous! Growth will be flat, and they never worked out an income stream.

    Hop to write a blog port related to this today: http://Gaggle.INFO/News

  2. yeah i read that tc post as well. there’s so many twitter spinoffs like twitpic, twitthat, etc…

    i also wonder if twitter will have much commerical application. it appears to be mainly for news updates, hearing about buzz and trends, etc..

  3. Tom Nocera says:

    I am totally sold on the usefulness of Twitter, and kudos to Searchblog for introducing me to it. I understand the logic of a VC getting involved with a related company…he sees the big picture of the future. Who would want to compete with Twitter. What can be cheaper than free? Faster than instantaneous? Safer, easier, or more engaging? I’ve made a small investment myself, by acquiring the domain name Tweetsmartz with the seed of idea of doing something with Twitter myself.

    As for posters who claim Twitter is getting old, that’s a bogus assertion. Twitter is just emerging, I.Cringley just engaged with it for example. It is, according to one source, growing faster than MySpace did during the similar phase of its introduction. Once it hits “critical mass” it will be bigger than MySpace. The future of Twitter is very bright and very prosperous. There is no doubt in my mind about it.

  4. Affan Laghari says:

    The 50/50/90 link ( looks more like how we send web pages through StumbleUpon.

    I rarely see StumbleUpon users with more than 200 friends. Most frequent users have 100-200. Now suppose you have 500 Twitter followers, and you send them a webpage through one tweet (in Ginx). So that’s 500 visits in one go!

    Hmm, sending 500 Digg shouts made easy. I ain’t Pierre so maybe he has other things on mind but it would probably be some pretty good idea.

  5. nmw says:

    Latest Breaking News: Twitter Jumps Shark Read All About IT!

    ;D nmw