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eTech – The One to Go To

By - January 22, 2009

Et2009 Etech Logo

Look, I am partners with O’Reilly on Web2, so I am biased. But for my money, the best event out there to get a real sense of where the tech world is going is OR’s eTech event, happening in March in San Jose.

I go to connect to the people who I know will be changing my world, sometime in the not so distant future.

It’s just really, really good.

So this year I asked them to give me a discount code that I could pass along to all Searchblog readers. Here it is: et09jbat. Use it when you register here and get 10% off. Trust me. It’s worth it.

Update: The discount is now **30%** – thanks eTech!!

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One thought on “eTech – The One to Go To

  1. Bob Lewis says:

    Just a thought, Emerging Technology is where its at as far as I’m concerned!
    1. I am always surprised companies like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, don’t have more of a presence at these events.
    2. Emerging technology certainly makes our lives safer, better, convenient and more interesting.