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Yahoo Has Good Timing on Trust: New Policy on Data Retention

By - December 17, 2008

Given the comments happening down below on whether you all trust Google, Yahoo seems to be pretty nimble with this announcement:

Today, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO – News) announced a new global data retention policy that sets an industry-leading approach to user data privacy. This new policy strengthens Yahoo!’s relationship of trust with its 500 million users world-wide and enhances its longtime leadership on privacy.

Under the new policy, Yahoo! will anonymize user log data within 90 days with limited exceptions for fraud, security and legal obligations. Yahoo! will also expand the policy to apply not only to search log data but also page views, page clicks, ad views and ad clicks.

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    Great :)

    Yahoo should get some of their PRESS people going because there hasn’t been much “happening” there as of late… I mean, with a huge operation such as theirs… Surely there is something to report and generate some buzz about.

    Yahoo, you can do it… I hope!


  • nmw

    All of this anonymization crap is BS — I think people (and businesses) who buy PPC traffic should form a monopsony to share the data in an open & transparent manner. Likewise, organic traffic could also join in — and then when all (or most) of the information is publicly available, Google (and/or Yahoo etc.) will no longer be able to skew the results (SERPs) to their own advantage.

    Hmmm… — I guess you could call it something like a “conversational media toolbox”!

    ;D nmw