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Why Google Must Worry About Twitter

By - December 04, 2008

Because, at the end of the day, Twitter shows the shift to the realtime web (Microsoft calls it “Live Search” and T’Rati called it the live web). And if Google doesn’t own it, someone else will. More when, well, the holidays come, and I can write. Meantime, read the piece I referenced in the last post or the last tweet.

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4 thoughts on “Why Google Must Worry About Twitter

  1. Joyce L says:

    The precise nature of what you spoke of happened in small scale as I was in line to get into the Yelp Holiday party.

    Even before I got to the line, there were already Twitter feeds telling me about the parking situation, the line situation, what outfits people worre etc.

    It’s so real time it scares me. Yet… great time to start participating!

  2. I totally agree with you about Twitter, but you really need to look into FriendFeed more. That’s really the one that Google needs to be concerned about. FriendFeed was started by three superstars from Google, too, so these guys know Google’s strengths and weaknesses intimately.

    Check out my RealTime Feed there: — I’m watching 4,800 people in real time.

    The search engine there is just like but it searches all web data types, not just those that are 140 characters.

  3. Dev says:

    what about this Google index twitters 18,300,000 links, and er tweet this is your..