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Top Posts 08

By - December 29, 2008

Here are top posts of 08 for Searchblog, judged by comments. As I review them, I realize that despite my endless complaining about not having time to write this year, I did get some riffs in. Not all of them made the top ten, so I added some of my personal faves at the end.

1. Considering Heresy: Buying a PC

I have an update on this coming, yes, I did buy a PC. Two in fact.

2. Google: Making Nick Carr Stupid, But It’s Made This Guy Smarter

This was very widely picked up, and I still think I’m right!

3. A Brand New Searchblog

I forgot it was this year that Searchblog got a much needed update. Thanks again, Ivan!

4. I Support Barack Obama

And I’m proud to say it again. Amazing how many comments one gets if you write about politics or booze.

5. Danny’s Right: Firefox Is Too Google Biased

This story is not even close to being over.

6. WTF?!

In which I discover I am the first John on Google. Well, WAS the first John.

7. Help Me With a Google-Backed Panel Friday: On CrowdSourcing

In which I crowdsource a panel about crowdsourcing. Yeah, I know.

8. Updated: Exclusive: A Look at Google Ad Planner Data Vs. Comscore

This story had a lot of legs for the middle of August.

9. Chrome: This Is Web OS, Make No Mistake

Another way to get a lot of comments is to claim something is an OS, then watch the OS purists yell at you.

10. Google’s Second Click Conflict Dominates SES Panel Today

This continues to be a central axis of conflict for Google – should it act more like a media company?

And a few of my favorites which were well commented, but did not make the top ten:

Predictions 2008

About to do my “How Did I Do” post…

When Doesn’t It Pay To Pay Attention To Search Quality?

In which I point out that Google has an, er, media issue, again.

Google Loses Trust – Do YOU Trust Google?

In which I point out that Google has a trust issue.

The Web Is Stealing Searches From Microsoft Office

In which I point out that Microsoft’s Office hegemony is falling to search.

The Rise of Independent Media Brands Online

In which I point out that the best stuff on the web is not being created by Big Media Companies.

Privacy: The Frog Boils, Slowly

Searchblog readers, they likey the privacy issue.

Web 2 Conversations: Jerry Yang

Noted: The Battelle curse continues.

Another Call For Search Literacy

I love this topic.

What’s This Fascination with Ad Networks? (Or, the Online Media Business Will Be About Brands First, Technology Second)

In which I point out that ad networks are not an end in and of themselves.

From Static to Realtime Search

A current fascination

The Inbox, Part Two: Facebook Has An Ambient Awareness Problem


Thanks for helping me do this Ivan!

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2 thoughts on “Top Posts 08

  1. JG says:

    Looking back, I realize that I commented on 8 of these 10 posts. You gotta cut me off, John. That’s way too much commenting! 🙂

    (The only ones I didn’t comment on were Obama.. I supported him too.. and Mac vs PC.. doesn’t actually matter.)

  2. Haber says:

    This is very good John. Reader is all writing realize comment and following your site. This is right?

    Thanks you again for You.