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By - December 21, 2008

I’m going to review my predictions for 2008 this coming week. I just re read them. Very interesting. I’d love your thoughts. I am honored to see them as #1 in Google for “predictions 2008.”

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3 thoughts on “Predictions

  1. Sweet 🙂

    That is a whole lot of traffic right there… Just looked over at Google Trends.

    All of the predictions were pretty good… Some close… Most spot on.


  2. nmw says:

    I predict that you will follow the link (well, at least you should 😉

    Adam Kmiec Calls BS on BW’s Social Media “Voice of Innovation” Campaign

  3. ttnet adsl says:

    I want to clarify and expound on a few things:

    1. The Old Boys Club: Literally, without looking at the list I was able to nail 63% of the people who would be on it. I’m serious. This was a great opportunity to share with the world people who aren’t always being featured. I love Seth Godin, he’s one of my favorite reads, but do we really need another piece of Seth? Ditto for Chris Brogan, Kevin Rose, and Robert Scoble. Having them on the list is like asking America to pick between George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon for most best male actor…again Really, we need yet another look at those 3? It’s not that these aren’t smart people. They are; well most of them. From my perspective the who’s who of “social media experts” (which BTW makes no sense. how can you be an expert in a discipline that’s existed for about 18 months) has become very much a back room hang out for a certain few people. There are so many GREAT people in this space who aren’t getting the attention they deserve, because we really need another puff piece on Jason Calacanis.

    2. Circle Jerk: Observe the tweets from some of the most notable people on your list. Watch their interactions. They only choose to interact with the same group of folks. It’s the same group that gives head nods to one another repeatedly. In effect, they’ve shut down the conversation for everyone else…well unless of course you heap praise on them. Then they are MORE than willing to interact with you. Person X will say how person Y is GREAT. Person Y (who’s in the club) will give the love right back. Where is the integrity for all these people who operate in a space that’s supposed to be about transparency. It’s funny to think we ask for transparency from companies, but choose not to offer it as people.

    I don’t have a problem with, nor did/do you need my endorsement, to crowd source feedback. I think that aspect is a great idea.