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OK, AOL Didn't Quite Work Out, But..

By - December 09, 2008

maybe we can save our publishing butts with Kosmix.

In 1998 Google founder Sergey Brin offered fellow Stanford University PhD students Anand Rajarman and Venky Harinarayan the chance to buy Google for $1m (£675,000). They said no.

A year later, with Amazon’s backing, Mr Rajarmand and Mr Harinarayan offered $300m. But Mr Brin, and Google co-founders Larry Page, refused to accept less than $1bn.

Today the Indian internet entrepreneurs have secured $20m of new funding from Time Warner for their own search site – Kosmix.

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3 thoughts on “OK, AOL Didn't Quite Work Out, But..

  1. Tom Nocera says:

    The older I get, the more obvious it becomes: There is immense truth in the following three words: “Timing IS everything!”

  2. Marc Segal says:

    I wonder if Anand and Venky feel worse than IBM not buying MSFT when they only needed them for an OS?

  3. “Timing IS everything!”