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By - November 11, 2008

It’s been a long, odd transition to Fall from Summer. And I’ve been a bit quieter than I’d like here. But I hope that will change, for the better, soon. Web 2 is over, it was extraordinary. I am moving house, as they say in England, and will be too busy to write this week. But that will change, and I hope you’ll stick with me as it does.

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7 thoughts on “Transition

  1. MLRebecca says:

    I look forward to your return here. Good luck with your move. I hope it is as effortless as possible!

  2. Kontor says:

    Very Important Subject.

  3. Tim Street says:

    Wow John,

    That’s a very cryptic post that could be interpreted several different ways.

    Are you OK?

  4. @Tim Oh I’m fine thanks man. Just a lot of things happening at once.

  5. MK says:

    Not exactly a comment:
    For you to explore: VADLO – Biomedical Search Engine.

  6. J,

    Hope all is well…

    Look forward to something interesting this week 🙂


  7. Tomi Itkonen says:

    I watched a few Web 2.0 Summit videos (Better Place, Al Gore, Jerry Yang, KK, …)

    And damn, they were interesting. Some of the questions were pretty tough (esp. for Jerry Yang) – but they were totally to the point.

    Good stuff.