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Really Guys. "Gossip Baiter"?

By - November 24, 2008

Those who know me know I tend to prepare for my discussions with leaders onstage at Web 2. You may recall during my conversation with Mark Zuckerberg, I asked whether Facebook was going to buy Twitter. A round of blogospherian eye rolling ensued. “It’s the sort of “speculative fun” that could give tech bloggers a gossip-overload headache for weeks to come” said Cnet.

Honestly, I rarely ask questions that don’t have a point. As Kara reports today, turns out there were talks – and they were going on right when I asked the question. So far, nothing has come of them, but they got serious enough for a number to be thrown around – $500 million. Cnet was kind enough to give me a bit of credit here. Thanks. The interview I did with Mark is above.

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4 thoughts on “Really Guys. "Gossip Baiter"?

  1. nmw says:

    LOL, I replied on Kara’s blog that MZ could get a better deal on keyword domains if he wanted — but I guess it didn’t pass muster!

    ;P nmw

  2. Terry Heaton says:

    Never doubted you, John.

  3. dave mcclure says:

    nice job on the intvw (to both you & zuck)… i missed this live, was worth listening to.

    zuck is definitely getting better at this.

  4. Megha says:

    I think Mark made a strong case for FB Connect being a direction in making ads more significant. But will the ads be on FB or also on the third party sites that use FB Connect? In that case, if Connect is adopted hugely, FB ads could be a threat to AdSense.. and a serious one at that coz AdSense doesnt know the viewer or his friends or his social interests. Am I right here?