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Ads In New Places

By - November 19, 2008

Another example of Google as a publisher. “Ads In New Places“:

If you’re based in the U.S. you may already have spotted or clicked on the different text and image ads we’re testing on the results pages of Google Image Search. And last week you may have noticed we launched Sponsored Videos on YouTube β€” a great example of matching ads to content.

In addition, we are today launching text ads on Google Finance in the United States. We’re also looking at how best to show display ads on Google Finance. And later, in the very near future, we will start testing text ads on a small number of news refinements within Google Search β€” so if, for example, you type “iPod” into and then click on the news link on the upper left-hand side, you might see text ads alongside those results.

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3 thoughts on “Ads In New Places

  1. JG says:

    With apologies to Garth Brooks:
    (put your singing caps on.. πŸ˜‰

    Well, I guess I was wrong
    I thought ads just didn’t belong
    But then, we’ve seen this before
    Everything was all right
    Until profits dropped out of sight
    And so we opened the door
    Hey, what I mean
    Is that Google needs more green
    Just show an ad and then
    Our profits will be as high
    As that $150bn tower
    We used to be livin’ in

    ‘Cause we’ll show ads in new places
    Where the users click, and
    A high bid rate chases low profits away
    Our stock’ll be okay
    I just hope the web embraces
    All the other stuff the ad replaces
    Oh, we’ll show ads in new places

  2. JG — hilarious :p

    very good though… Bravo!

    It’s not really a surprise though that they are doing this. They have more inventory than ever and could definitely use the profits so it only makes sense to roll out in additional places.. Everybody is hurting this days, Google isn’t an exception and looking for additional income sources.

    YouTube isn’t the big “IT” for now — although I applaud them for trying. That is the right mentality.


  3. nmw says:


    I’m still waiting for my response to your question in the other thread to show up.

    While you wait:

    ;D nmw