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WePc.Com Launches

By - October 29, 2008


For the better part of a year, we at FM have been working on an innovative new project with Asus and Intel. Today it launched. is an experiment in crowdsourcing an entirely new piece of hardware, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done together.

Check out my first submission – the LowJackPC. The idea here is to gather the collective intelligence of PC users to help build a smarter, better machine. We’ve integrated all sorts of tools to help create a platform for ideas, including Grafitti, so you can draw it. But I’m terrible at drawing, so for now, my PC doesn’t have any pictures. I should fix that.

Anyway, here’s the release on the program. From it:

Consumers become product designers at, a Web site launched today by Intel Corporation and ASUS. is where consumers can collaborate with each other and with Intel and ASUS to design innovative new products. The plan is for the two companies to deliver to market what could be the world’s first community-designed PCs.

This site is a very real example informed by a lot of thinking and theory around conversational marketing in the past few years. I remember my first even “aha” moment – nearly four years ago – when I suggested to a major computer manufacturer that perhaps it should consider gathering input from its customers before creating the next rev of its machines. The blank stares were palpable. We’ve come a long, long way since then.

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4 thoughts on “WePc.Com Launches

  1. howard g says:

    the person really on this vision right now is peter semmelhack of buglabs

    it is a great way to prototype with hardware and totally open with the communinty creating software innovations and inspiring new hardware modules for the bug
    love what they do and what you are doing
    recommend connecting with peter and the buglabs crew


  2. ricard says:

    hmm.. they should have checked out

  3. Jason says:

    Intel, Asus and FM united

  4. @ricard – thanks, i sent that site to the folks behind wepc and they like it a lot.