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Know, Really

By - October 05, 2008

So many things to miss when you’re not reporting news anymore – some of these are old, but they stood the test of time:

Larry Page, Google, Watch these White Spaces, and Prop 8 in CA Is Deeply Dumb and cel phones suck, we can reimagine them, right because after all, we are already reimagining sustainability, see?

When Google starts arbitrating fact from interpretation, we must all think deeply. This is about Yahoo and Google. More here.

Yahoo could be the next platform. If only it could get out of its own way. Oh, and it should own display too, wait, doesn’t it already? After all, digital marketing is recession proof, right?

One man anecdote machine declares the storm of the century. Welcome to every seven years, Robert. Funny how Jason agrees.

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2 thoughts on “Know, Really

  1. nmw says:

    If Jason’s post was deleted but no one was there to see it fall, how can we be sure that it ever even existed?

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