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I Support Barack Obama

By - October 29, 2008

…which should not be a surprise to regular readers of this site. I am on a list of “CEOs for Obama” and have been donating to Obama’s campaign. Why am I posting this now? To a media/tech site? Well, I was inspired by Tim.

Faced with these problems, we need a president who can harness the best and brightest our country has to offer, a president who is conversant with, and comfortable with, the power of technology to assist in solving these problems, a president who is good at listening, studying, and devising solutions based on the best insight available, rather than on narrow ideology. We need a president who can forge consensus, not just among the partisans in our own fractured democracy but around the world. We need a president who can inspire our citizens and our global partners to forgo narrow self interest and embrace the possibilities that we can achieve if we work together to build a better future.

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41 thoughts on “I Support Barack Obama

  1. Steve says:

    I am now inspired to remove your blog from my reader. If you want to know why:

  2. Zack Miller says:

    Hey John,
    As a voter who is still undecided, I’m curious why you think Obama fits the mold that Tim describes. He’s articulate, young, and has vision. I just can’t get my arms around the fact that I just don’t feel like I know what he stands for and whether he’s got any mettle to realize it.

  3. courtney benson says:

    John – Well said. Thanks!

  4. Prestone says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and have followed you for years – I’m not sure why you feel the need to mix business and politics, though.

    We all have different opinions on this presidential race. If your blog were just a personal site, it would make sense to me – but when up to 50% of your “customer base” could strongly disagree with your public endorsement, why would you risk it?

    To your credit you do share some political views from time to time which are perfectly appropriate (privacy issues, etc.), so I guess it’s not really that surprising. It is really baffling to me that companies like Google and Apple are doing the same…ugh.

  5. herb says:

    May be happy and widely known for the company you keep.


  6. Santa Claws says:

    a) Why would anyone be surprised?

    b) Why would anyone care?

    Battelle, you run with the pack of useful liberal idiots. So what?

  7. VaBeachKevin says:

    Hope you enjoy paying a lot more taxes to give to people who didn’t work as hard as you did. I’m sure giving more to those who didn’t work for it, and taking more from those did work hard is a good strategy to some people, I just don’t get it.

  8. Reality says:

    John you have enormous credibility in the eCommerce area….and so i read your blog and learn alot. Loved your book too.

    As a conservative Christian husband and businessman, I am simply amazed at the lack of intellectual curiosity and honesty around Barack Hussein Obama. From the MSM on down to true believers like you….willing accomplices.

    We all want and need a true statesman or as Tim put it…. ” we need a president who can harness the best and brightest our country has to offer….”

    BHO is not that statesman, and you have scales on your eyes if you think he is.

    John McCain frankly isn’t either. But he doesn’t hate what this country was founded on and isn’t going to try to change our Constitution based on his Marxist beliefs.

    The challenge is, both put politics before leadership.

    I pray that one day your scales will fall off and you will see just what Jesus did for you and your family.

  9. There are two things one can post about that will elicit impassioned responses – religion and politics. In this thread, I see both.
    I won’t take the bait on defending either. I respect all your views, and will fight to defend your rights to have them. But never to impose them on others.
    I just thought it right to declare my view openly, because I agree with Tim – a lot is on the line here, and if I carry any influence, I should declare my view. I’ll leave it at that and not take it any further. Hopefully, readers will recognize that I am capable of both writing about tech, media, and search, as well as having an opinion about who might best lead our government.

  10. Obama would be a great candidate if he just had a decade’s more experience in national politics.

    We are saddened by both candidates.

    Hilary would have been interesting, in the sense that one would also be getting Bill’s advice behind the scenes

  11. Bill Nelson says:

    Er, Mr. Battelle, The President of The USA is not a code writer, a web 2.0 designer, or anything but the nation’s chief executive who has no business interfering in the world of commerce — let alone having some sort of magical powers to “devise solutions”, etc.

    However, Senator Obama has promised to tax the pants off of you rich folks. And honestly, you personally deserve to get what Obama promises, good and hard.

    But the rest of us don’t.

    Not for nothing is he supported by the Communist Party USA, Kim Jong Il, Hamas, and many other leaders of progressive thought.

    Any credibility you had is now gone. Bye-bye from my RSS feeds you go…

  12. Shawn says:

    I don’t know too many people who doesn’t already support Senator Barack Obama!

  13. Kathleen says:

    I for one, applaud you on making your vote known.

  14. Bobby Corno says:

    I am sick and tired of reading these stupid comments about Obama and using religion as an excuse for your intolerance.
    The Judeo/Christian AND Islamic tradition speaks of tolerance/charity as principle tenets of their religious tradition: Love your neighbor, judge not unless ye be judged, do unto others…. etc. Obama is a U.S. citizen, a Christian, he is not by any recognized definition a socialist, terrorist and so on. He is to many as Tim described him. He speaks of united not divided and is obviously smart, capable and downright likable.If you do not know what he prooses then you haven’t been listening. McCain while a certified War Hero does represent -at least economically – the direction that the present administration has offered for the past 8 years (According to McCain, himself, he supported Bush administration 90% of the time. The Republicans have been in control of the entire government for 6 of the last 8 years!! You figure it out.

  15. Dave says:

    Great Obama Ad/Music Video – A Change Gonna Come

  16. legends7 says:

    For those who intend to vote for McCain/Palin, here how your VP thinks of basic science foundation:

  17. CJ says:

    Here in Europe we’re also following the election, because the US has a lot of clout when it comes to world affairs right now so it concerns us all.

    What I find really different from politics in the US and over here is that we don’t say who we’re voting for, and here in the UK people don’t really like to discuss politics in social circles. In France they are more open about this. You guys are very vocal about your political opinions.

    It’s just interesting, that’s all 🙂

  18. John says:

    The best comment so far: “I don’t know too many people who doesn’t already support Senator Barack Obama!”

    That said, John, at least your writing and intellect rises above the average Obama supporter.

    I’ve appreciated your blog and book but I will never understand how anyone can vote for someone that wants to “spread the wealth around.” I realize that both mainstream party candidates royally suck. I wouldn’t proclaim my vote for either of them. However, I wouldn’t be caught dead voting for a candidate that wants to take money from people that work hard and create jobs and give it to people that don’t work and don’t want to work.

    If you are a wealthy business owner and appreciate paying more taxes, just send a check to the IRS on your own. There’s no reason every other business owner needs to hold your hand and follow suit.

  19. Prestone says:

    John – I get that you have an opinion about the presidential election. Everybody in the US should.

    I don’t get, though, why you would use this venue to share your opinion. It’s a divisive issue that could potentially piss off some of your larger advertisers. That’s all I’m saying.

  20. Chris says:

    Really? Someone would refuse to read someone’s blog based on the fact that they are voting for a candidate? My hunch is that no one is “angry” or “surprised” that you posted a position on a political issue, but rather they don’t agree with your position. And isn’t that the real issue at stake in this election – whether we can disagree about issues, but still have a discussion? Which candidate honestly has a chance to bring people together?

  21. António says:

    Love the “oversubscribed” comments…
    Need some medicine for all the pain, John? 😉
    Thinking that only yesterday you posted the link to TC.

  22. herb says:

    All you need is ignorance and confidence and success is assured.
    Mark Twain

  23. Chris Ceppi says:

    Warren Buffet and Colin Powell have also endorsed Barack Hussein Obama…you are in good/wise company John!

    Thanks for speaking up.

  24. coxy says:

    Oof. Wise post? I’m sure you’ll get backlash from this.

  25. ian says:

    John, thank you for taking a stand in the public space!

    I for one can’t wait for him to be President.


  26. John-

    Thanks for the post, I actually really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this topic as you are someone I truly respect.

    Quite honestly I am shocked to see so many Mccain supporters making comments on your site. To me Obama is a close representative of the kind of open and hopeful world view that your writing and business endeavors seem to epitomize.


  27. Brian Sheets says:

    And goodbye……………

  28. Robert says:

    I’m disgusted by the negativity here. Do you neo-cons really think that intelligent Americans don’t see through it? You can dupe all the yokels in the fly-over states for only so long; it’s beginning to fail you there as well.

    I don’t agree with the entire liberal agenda, but you can only turn your back on the REALITY of life on Earth for only so long….YOUR IDEAS DON’T WORK. You’ve had plenty of time to try them out. Give up the ghost and either join the Libertarian Party or the Moral Majority. You’ll get more credit for integrity when you do.

    Keep on truckin, John. Don’t let anyone tell you you are stupid for having an INFORMED opinion.

  29. Junior Samples says:

    Shocked. I’m just shocked ! Battelle voting for Obama. Shocking. Scandalous. Oh my. Who would have guessed. Why would he venture from the warm fuzzy corner of this liberal nook? Never !

  30. Mike says:

    I suppose you will escape the effects of the huge tax hike headed your way.
    Any deal you make will allow a nice cash package that you can tuck away.

    I wonder how your employees feel about the coming life under a socialist president.

    I await the day you and your ilk admit the error of your ways concerning this unknown.

  31. Anand says:

    John – just wanted to say that you have plenty of readers who totally support not just your decision but also your rationale. Just wanted to give you a countervaililng opinion to some of the posts that I just read – my guess is that its those who disagree with you who are most vocal. Cheers, Anand

  32. Hay color:

    En la gran espada,
    Un nuevo portavoz,
    Ha ganado las elecciones,
    Con el peligro de si lo matan,
    Es negro,
    Es progresista,
    Es el candidato: Obama.
    No sé si le dejan cambiar,
    Pero la promesa está echada.

    Soy poeta, soy blanco,
    pero me encanta el color de Obama.

  33. oyun says:

    I for one, applaud you on making your vote known.

  34. Quite honestly I am shocked to see so many Mccain supporters making comments on your site. To me Obama is a close representative of the kind of open and hopeful world view that your writing and business endeavors seem to epitomize. I wonder how your employees feel about the coming life under a socialist president. Thanks for speaking up.

  35. Hannah Fahd says:

    As i’ve been following your blog for quite some time, I wanted to tell you about a few friends of mine who’s been following the presidential election with great interest during the last few months.

    The guys that I know are ambitious, hardworking economy-students in Stockholm University, Sweden. They have taken a break from their studies to be able to work with their jewelry company and their new designs expressing their political views and great support for Barack Obama. This idea expresses a political standpoint in an alternative way, which is the reason why I am contacting you (as well as liking your blog a lot!).

    They have manufactured Election 2008 Memorial Pendants to show their full support to maintain the memory of the election and victory of democrat Barack Obama in the United States, 4/11 2008. There are three different designs made in stainless steel with illustrations printed with laser. One with a picture of Barack Obama waving his hand, another with part of the American flag and a third which is a quatation of Obama Barracks speeches. See them all on

    Well, why do I put such an importance in these memorial pendants? This election memorial pendant will preserve a historical event that will be the beginning of a change, and can be kept for your children, grand children and generation through generation. It will for ever represent that we can live as one people, in one country, no matter of rase or sexual orientation. This is a new beginning of a man pushing the United States of America in the right direction, which is also a wake up call for the rest of the world. It is here and now the world WILL change.
    So, my intension with this post is to recomend as commercial on your blog, and this because of one major fact: The 44th and first African American president in the United States of America has been elected, a moment that has caused tears and happiness and duggen deep into peoples hearts. This will have great historical importance, and this moment can not be forgotten.

    These election memorial pendants exist to bring people together instead of pulling them in different directions, to accomplish a crowd and solidarity. I want to point out that we can maintain our happinness, pride and joy from generation to generation and show our support to the democrats, and above all Barack Obama himself, by remembering this date and honor of when the United state of America got its new president Barack Obama, 4/11 2008.

    Kind Regards
    Hannah Fahd, Sweden

  36. Mitch says:

    I hope not to insult the traditional Swedish family name Fahd by suggesting it buy some advertising somewhere instead of hijacking blogs to sell trinkets. As to the historical significance of Barack Obama being the first “african American” president, it will be overshadowed by the failures outlined in his propaganda disguised as a plan for change. Get a copy now while it is tax free. The hippie, hand holding, feel good comments about us all living in harmony makes for a good soda commercial but doesn’t quite work out in the real world. Take a night stroll down the streets of my city if you need proof. Finally, being a US citizen I couldn’t care less what anyone in failed socialist Sweden has to say about our elections. You may think me closed minded for that but I care nothing about that either.

  37. John says:

    “Do you neo-cons really think that intelligent Americans don’t see through it? YOUR IDEAS DON’T WORK. You’ve had plenty of time to try them out.”

    Yea, and look how socialism has turned out…There’s a reason why free markets have grown this nation to the greatest economy in the world. There’s a reason why America is a force for GOOD in this world.

    Innovation and Ingenuity always wins. Reward the hard working and the economy will succeed. I have news for all you who have this utopian vision for America. Socialism is not only WRONG, but goes against everything this country has ever stood for. Those who try to deny Obama’s plans for America in order for “change” are completely overtaken with nothing but their hatred for Republicans and Bush. Look at who you’re voting for, not just his skin color.

    It amazes me that Americans could care less about one’s character, judgement and associations, except of course if he’s republican. Can you imagine how the media would’ve acted if McCain were the one with all those radical associations? Come on, we all know how that would go. The media would NEVER let it go. How can a guy who wouldn’t even pass an FBI background check become POTUS? Mind boggling…

  38. oyun says:

    Thanks you really perfect one writing.I m always follow you.

  39. Hello John. This is ver impossible.. The hippie, hand holding, feel good comments about us all living in harmony makes for a good soda commercial but doesn’t quite work out in the real world.