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I am not an Investor

By - October 27, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

But if I were (Ok, yes, folks invest in funds on my behalf, have since 1998), I’d say, invest in entertainment. Because folks are looking for escape. Big time. (PS – I saw that tiny dog film. It was simply awful. But, yes, I saw it. I have daughters, after all.)

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2 thoughts on “I am not an Investor

  1. Tim Street says:

    Thanks for supporting the entertainment industry and doing your part by watching the “simply awful” tiny dog film.

  2. ice says:

    It was terrible- but worth it as it was passage to see HSM3 with my kids as well- and that was good! And for a guy who grew up on Rush , the Who and Genesis thats saying a lot!

    I agree entertainment is always good as we are creatures of pleasure-