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The CM Summit Announces Speakers

By - September 17, 2008


…at least, some of them. I’ve been working on the program for the CM Summit next month, and it’s turning from good work to fun work. I just got off the phone with a major brand (whose name I’ll protect) who promised to pull no punches when it comes to the issue of measurement in digital media, for example. Join him and scores of other senior marketing execs at the CM Summit in San Francisco. And expect a few more surprises in the next couple of weeks….Register here!

Here’s the release.

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What's Happening

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With my travel and flu, I’ve missed a lot that’s been going on. Here’s some of the stories I found notable:

The Search Engine Rap Battle (funny if you’re in to that kind of thing)

Google invests in O3B Networks“O3b’s mission is to provide high-speed, low-cost Internet connectivity to the “other 3 billion” people in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.”

Jarvis on Google monopoly – Summary: Nope. But it has to be trusted. Yep. Been saying that for years. Apparently Google has more work to do to gain that trust. More here.

Microsoft cuts deal with RIM for Blackberry – It’s ALL about distribution to try to outpace Google’s reach.

Speaking of Microsoft, I’ve said in the past the company was lying in the weeds. Reading this piece from Liveside, I still believe it. The company has so many apps, so much ripe low lying fruit. Apparently, “Wave 3” of Live is coming. Remember Windows version 3? Yep, that’s the one where the company got it…right enough to win.

Marissa on the Future of Search. Folks have picked up on her claim that search is 90% done, given that most folks said it was only about 5% done just a few years ago. I think it’s apples and oranges – 90% of the easy stuff is done, but when it comes to the hard stuff (which she covers in some detail), we have a long, long way to go.

August Search Share Data: Google Wins Again

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Comscore has released August 2008 search share data. I got a note from Thomas Weisel on the data:

August 2008 qSearch data shows that Google’s U.S. query share gained 60bps m/m to 59.1% and gained more than 8.7 percentage points from its 50.3% query share in August 2007. YouTube continues to be a big contributor for Google generating 2.49bn searches in the U.S., up 3.7% from 2.40bn last month and up 132% from 1.08bn in August 2007. YouTube currently represents 24.5% of U.S. Google site searches compared with 15.8% in August 2007. Yahoo’s share declined 86bps m/m to 14.1% and was down nearly 4.2 percentage points from a year ago level of 18.3%. Microsoft’s share declined 3bps m/m to 5.5% and was down nearly 1.7 percentage points from a year ago level of 7.1%.

Google's Perfect Ad: Missing the Marketing

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I missed this blog post last week from one of Google’s most senior VPs of Product, Susan Wojcicki. Titled “Ad Perfect” it starts:

Google’s advertising business was founded on the core principle that advertising should deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. This is very similar to our mission in search, and, like our colleagues in search, those of us on the ads team are constantly striving to achieve better results. We have hundreds of thousands of advertisers who collectively have millions of products and services, and out of that vast amount of information our goal is always to show people the best ads, the ones that are the most relevant, timely, and useful (and, from the advertiser perspective, measurable). Achieving this ideal has been difficult since the early days of ads, but now, with the Internet, it is within reach.

Then comes the nut graph:

What does it take to do this? We need to understand exactly what people are looking for, then give them exactly the information they want.

Well…sort of. Perhaps that’s the formula for the perfect “ad” – but the perfect ad is, by definition, imperfect. Advertising without marketing is, well, just a call to action. Only with marketing, a practice that I think is perhaps a bit underestimated at algorithmically driven companies like Google, can companies make any advertising they might do truly valuable. One tenet of marketing FM lives by is this: Add value to the customer’s experience. Sometimes you can do that by matching customer intent with a database of ads. But other times you can’t – you have to understand your customer in ways that are resistant to algorithms.

More on this as I write my next piece for the Amex Blog….

Google + GE = Boil the Energy Ocean

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Still ill, but I can’t help but read my email. This sounds very interesting:


WHAT: Eric Schmidt and Jeff Immelt will discuss America’s energy challenge and announce ways Google and GE will be working together to contribute to solutions. A fact sheet with additional details will be emailed following the call at 3pm.

WHEN: Wednesday September 17, 2008, 11:20am PDT / 2:20pm EDT

WHO: The following executives will participate in the call:

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Google Inc.

Jeff Immelt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Electric Company


By - September 16, 2008

Hard to write when you’re slammed by the flu, back at it when I shake this off.

What's Web 2 All About This Year?

By - September 13, 2008

We’ve the CIO of the Army, Elon Musk, Chris DeWolfe and Mark Zuckerberg, Lance Armstrong, Al Gore, Michael Pollan, Paul Otellini, Larry Brilliant, Arianna Huffington, and scores more. What holds it together? Tim and I riff on this podcast.

New York

By - September 11, 2008

Running around the city, hard to update, if you have news for us to discuss, let us know in the comments…