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The Conversation Economy, Sketches

By - September 23, 2008

Adobe Dmwnld

Thanks to Adobe, who sponsored this work, I pulled together some sketches for the book I keep talking about. It’s blog posts from Searchblog, a talk I gave at Cisco, work I’ve done for the Amex Open Forum blog (which just won a Mixx award!), with Powerpoint and video. A nice package, in fact, and I’m proud to say it all happened thanks to a sponsor. Check it out here (download will initiate). Thanks, Adobe!

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Doc On GACL: Game Changer

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Doc outlines why Google Android Chrome Linux changes the game in mobile web.

Well, then the game changes. Remember back when Marc Andreessen raised Microsoft’s hackles by saying Netscape would “reduce Windows to a set of poorly debugged device drivers”? Netscape failed to do that, but Google won’t. It’s not just that Google is Netscape II, it’s that Google has a platform here. At the bottom that platform is the OS of your choice. At the top is a browser built from the start to run apps and not just pages.

I Love Baseball. I Don't So Much Love the MLB

By - September 22, 2008

But they are learning. From Larry’s blog:

Russ Gooberman wrote to tell a happy story about Major League Baseball.


A month ago, I created a mashup clip of some MLB’s All-Star Game Home Run Derby. Specifically, I wanted to feature the record-breaking home run streak of Texas Rangers youngster, Josh Hamilton. So, I cut up some YouTube footage of his longest homerun of the contest, and set it to the audio of the final homerun sequence of the movie, The Natural. The next day, the mashup was featured on as their “Video of the Day.” Here’s
My Mashup. The following day, MLB Advanced Media sent a trademark claim to YouTube, and had the video taken down.

….The interpretation of such an event in the public discourse is not for Major League Baseball to determine or influence. These events that affect our perceptions of our national pastime cannot be copyrighted. The discussion and dissemination of ideas relating to them cannot be censored. There are countless cases of MLB pursuing copyright infringements that go beyond their rights as copyright holders. Evidence of overzealous prosecution has been abundant. This Sisyphean struggle to stop any and all interpretations of MLB material will eventually fail.

Google Clears "Abortion" As An AdWord

By - September 21, 2008

Google settled a suit in the UK around the issue of whether or not religious groups can buy the keyword “abortion.” Long story short: They now can (via NYT).

Expect a lot more of this kind of thing going forward. Google has the responsibility of being an arbiter of who can declare what online, and that responsibility will only increase.

The Bailout

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It’s not related to the content of this site, but I am so damn mad about the financial bailout, mainly because the folks who profited the most from this mess are getting bailed out. So when I saw this post from Fred, summarizing Tom, I had to pass it along. I agree totally.

Rule #1: Cut salaries now

Part of the bailout bill ought to be that any organization which proffers securities for government purchase must agree not to pay any employee or contactor more than $1 million per year for the next four years. No cheating with trips to events on the corporate jet or other perks with draconian penalties TO THE RECIPIENT for violations.

Rule #2: No new golden parachutes

Some executives have contracts which entitle them to huge golden parachutes – especially if their pay is cut. These need to be annulled.

Rule #3: End payment on old golden parachutes

Payments on existing golden parachutes should be stopped.

Rule #4: No dividends for a year

This seems harsh to us shareholders who may have bank securities in our portfolio, but it’s not. Clearly an organization which is being bailed out needs to conserve cash to survive.

Texting Is Stupid

By - September 20, 2008

Texting On M1082022(image)

After seeing the clearly obvious story about texting being a bad thing to do while driving (er, no sh*t), I just had to write that headline. Sorry. I text with the best of them. I love the concept and efficiency of short messaging.

But the interface is deeply stupid. I see these commercials from carriers extolling speed texting, and think to myself – “We’ve already invented an incredibly efficient way to get thoughts from our brains to others – it’s called speech.”

Why I can’t simply say to my phone: “Text Michelle” and the phone gets ready to send a note to Michelle. Then I say “Mich I’d rather hit Left Bank than Ambrosia for din love you bye” and the damn text goes to Michelle?

Say Michelle is driving. Her phone buzzes with a text. She’s driving, so she says to no one in particular “Listen text”. There’s my voice! Is this too complicated to make happen? Please. It’s not. The problem is there’s simply no culture of product development and entrepreneurial thinking in Carrier World. And Carrier World, alas, still rules here in the US.

Of course there are times when you want to use your thumbs, say, when you’re in a dull meeting and want to text on the sly. But the fact that you can’t text with your mouth is simply unacceptable. I think it’s going to change, and soon.

The Cloud: Read This Short Passage

By - September 18, 2008

From a Google Blog Post:

Thus, computer systems will have greater opportunity to learn from the collective behavior of billions of humans. They will get smarter, gleaning relationships between objects, nuances, intentions, meanings, and other deep conceptual information. Today’s Google search uses an early form of this approach, but in the future many more systems will be able to benefit from it.

The context is here, but honestly. Read that. Think about it.

Maghound: I Wish I Were Wrong

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Logo Maghound All

…but I don’t think I am. Maghound has been compared to Netflix, a one stop monthly subscription service where you can pick and choose what magazines you get, and swap them monthly, just like you can movies at Netflix.

One big difference. Magazines are all about passion and loyalty. LOYALTY! Not switching. No one cares about sampling magazines via an online site. Do they?

I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think I am. The idea is deeply flawed. It’s from Time Inc., where, I’m told by folks who would know, morale is …. eh, not so good. Magazines, which were my first love and remain a staple of my diet, can’t be saved by a website.

Once again, I ask, what business is Time Inc. in? Print? Then they are doomed. Publications? Then welcome to the present – FM represents 175 great publications, and we’re growing, even in this crappy economy. As Time Inc famously said in the first cover of its print version of Business 2.0 (now defunct, so I can’t find the damn image): Come on in, the water’s fine!