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Matt Cutts Spam

By - September 26, 2008


I’ll admit it, I have a Google Blog Search RSS feed for “John Battelle.” Come on, don’t you?

Ok, anyway, what I’ve noticed is that at least 10-20 percent of the hits Google Blog search reports back to me are spam, usually very popular stories in which I have been mentioned that are republished automatically by long tail Adsense and affiliate scrapers. It’s part of the web ecosystem, whatever.

But this one story where Google’s Matt Cutts, who works very closely on issues of spam and blogging, responded to my email about Twitter nofollow, is off the charts. Not a day goes by that some spammer (or five) isn’t republishing this story (example).

Check out a Google search for the first half of the first sentance of Matt’s post. Google has found 318 instances of Matt’s post.


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One thought on “Matt Cutts Spam

  1. Solarion says:

    How about 11200 links for the same phrase, if you searched on Yahoo! Does that mean Yahoo indexes spammers better? “)