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Google + GE = Boil the Energy Ocean

By - September 17, 2008

Still ill, but I can’t help but read my email. This sounds very interesting:


WHAT: Eric Schmidt and Jeff Immelt will discuss America’s energy challenge and announce ways Google and GE will be working together to contribute to solutions. A fact sheet with additional details will be emailed following the call at 3pm.

WHEN: Wednesday September 17, 2008, 11:20am PDT / 2:20pm EDT

WHO: The following executives will participate in the call:

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Google Inc.

Jeff Immelt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Electric Company

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3 thoughts on “Google + GE = Boil the Energy Ocean

  1. JG says:

    In the solution to the energy crisis, aren’t we trying to not boil the ocean? Y’know.. global warming.. the polar bears..


  2. Interestingly Energy companies know very little about how energy is used – to them it dissappears through a hole in the wall and money gets pushed back out. This talk would be more interesting if Honeywell were involved