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James and Giant Peach

By - August 01, 2008

Serious Greek DudeTwitter is again overloaded (Fail Whale, which always reminded me of that scene with James and the Giant Peach where the birds lift the peach out of shark infested waters, anyway…). Follow me here if you can.

So, since I can’t entertain you with Tweets and Crowdfire is ripping it up, here’s a photo from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens that I took today (I took alot more). This fellow, a philosopher, seems quite bent. I liked him.

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One thought on “James and Giant Peach

  1. azdırıcı says:

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    The first big time CMO that cracks this code and truly embraces this will be rock stars of the marketing community in the next decade. They right now are too scared about getting fired to sing more than a few bars.