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From the Reader: The Past Week

By - August 07, 2008

I’ve missed a lot since my time away over the past ten days or so, here are the pieces in my reader I found worthy of noting:

Venturebeat on StumbleUpon’s “method behind the madness.”

Google’s assault on Baidu (Chinese market) through legal music search via ars

BBtv debuts “BBtv World.” Important journalism is not dead, it’s just evolving.

Mike on Ads: Is Google Taking Behavioral Data to Display? Well, if it is, then we have a lot to think about. And if it is not, its shareholders should sue.

The Yahoo shareholder meeting happened. Seems the board is intact. But this “tabulation error” is rather odd. First it looked like a strong vote of support for Jerry and Co. (85%). Then….not so much.

More when I get back from the gym….

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