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Twitter Acquires Summize

By - July 15, 2008


This is probably one of the most important things that Twitter has done in its young history. Search is not good at Twitter, but Summize is a pretty good Twitter search service. It also could be a lot more. And there are many, many more things Twitter could do.

This is also the glimmerings of a business model for Twitter, in that the service needs attachment points of declared intent which may make sense for marketing. Search is certainly one.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Acquires Summize

  1. really looking forward to good twitter search. heck, I’m looking forward to good twitter search _monetization_.

    lots of powerful real-time searches to be had. that’s a nicely defensible position against goog.

  2. While at first I was a bit skeptical of Twitter for acquiring a service they could have easily bought themselves, upon finding out that Twitter took on 5 employees from Summize, bringing their total team to 12 it makes perfect sense.

    Twitter needs to grow and scale as quickly as possible, why not save $100k in hiring costs and bring on a team needing zero-training to help monetize the $100 million beast.

  3. This aquisition makes so much sense.

    Twitter combined with the sentiment analysis technology of Summize is turning Twitter into a gold mine for Web Data Mining and Web Monitoring for global corporations.

    Or Twitter could hyper target their ads to Twitter Messages with positive feelings about products, leaving out negative sentiments related to companies and their goods.

    Read more here in my blog post concerning this deal