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Google-Viacom Suit Gets Interesting

By - July 04, 2008

The ruling yesterday on the merits of Viacom’s data requests is worthy of review. Ars has more here. I am preparing for a vacation and can’t elaborate, but trust me on this one…

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CM Summit NYC Videos

By - July 03, 2008

In case you missed the CM Summit in NYC and want to see what happened, there were some great moments, and they are up on the site now. Don’t miss Rich Silverstein, or Beth Comstock, or all the other goodness….

Open Search

By - July 02, 2008

I am thinking hard about the impact of open search – the idea that a major search index becomes totally open to developers, an open API, etc. that allows search to become a true platform that people can develop on top of.

I’d love your thoughts on this….writing this soon….I’ll update here with more thoughts but wanted to leave this as bread on the waters for the early risers…I know, I know, spam, but that can be routed around with business models and contracts…I’ve been noodling this for a long time and am close to saying SOMETHING….more background here (on Yahoo’s search monkey) and here (when Amazon did it and no one seemed to notice…)…

Twitter v. Blog

By -


Somehow, this felt fine on Twitter:

My Mac FAILED. After downloading a new OS (560 MBS!!!!) Rummaged around and found a four year old OSX disc…and MAGIC. It worked!

But wrong on this site. The magic was truly … magic. I booted off the CD I found, it checked the web, downloaded the right version of the OS again, and after about 25 minutes of downloading and busy bee-ing, the damn thing booted up as if nothing had happened. This after my Mac was literally DEAD. FAILED.

I am so happy. Then again. What the fuck, Steve Jobs? What if I didn’t know about how do to this? Oh, I hate to love you so much, Macintosh.

The Passing of a Legend

By - July 01, 2008


Clay Felker, a legend in magazines and journalism, died today.

I had to honor to work with Clay Felker for a few years, making magazines and websites as part of my time at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He was in poor health for much of the time we worked together, but never lost his fire or his commitment to the core thesis of a great publication: Voice, Point of View, and Quality. He viewed great magazines as conversations, much of my own theories around FM owe a direct debt to conversations I had with Clay on topics of publishing, the Internet, and business models.

His legacy will live on and multiply in the work of the thousands he hired, worked with, and edited.