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Yahoo Reorgs Again

By - June 26, 2008

From the Journal:

Yahoo Inc. announced plans to centralize is product development to drive more global revenue as it tries to beat back concerns about its ability to compete as an independent company.

The new blueprint shifts more responsibility to two senior executives who will lead two newly created groups. Ash Patel, a longtime company executive who has been overseeing Yahoo’s efforts to open up its sites to third-party developers, will lead an Audience Products Division overseeing the development of new products. Hilary Schneider, who currently oversees the company’s sales operations and publisher network, will be in charge of activities for the U.S….

More when I get out of meetings…

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One thought on “Yahoo Reorgs Again

  1. Jeff says:

    Yahoo Local, Y’s latest effort to create a pure and exclusively local brick and mortar directory…(as the Y yellow pages was sufficiently stuffed with nat’l and .com merchants and lost much of its local relevance)…has followed in the YP’s footsteps, it appears.

    Was in there today…nearly all the featured listings I saw were nat’l or .coms and aggregator default listings…very few “local” merch.

    We’ve stopped selling them (ROI issues), seems others have as well.

    Any other insights on Y’s local plans?