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By - June 01, 2008


So tonight I am talking to my family at the dinner table, preparing for the week ahead. And for the first time, Twitter comes into my family life. We’re flying to New York on Friday, all of us, in advance of the CM Summit. My kids’ school is over Friday, and we’re going to spend the week in NY together (my wife is from there). We’re all excited, and we start talking about what we might do. My son and I, who are hopeless baseball fans, decide to go to a Yankees game on Saturday. I checked the web, and there are not tickets available on the Yankees’ website. So what do I think? I’ll Twitter it, of course! Someone in NY must know how to get tix, right? Perfect?

Except…Twitter is down. AGAIN.


OK. I am very, very tired of the ouroborosphere’s take on Twitter. It’s time for the service to either fish or get off the pot, so to speak. And with $15mm in the door, it’s obvious which way it has to go.

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4 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Agreed – Twitter has pushed me to FriendFeed. I’m guessing the Google guys are a little better at handling scale.

    Re: Yankees tix – there’s no better place than Stub Hub.

  2. Hi John — We have two tickets to Friday’s Royals game if you want them. Let me know.

  3. matt m says:

    They know what to do too…message queues and a different database approach.

  4. Ned says:

    I think you’re mixing your metaphors. But any way I had the same experience the other day when I tried to subscribe. This is an opportunity for entrepenuer to move into this space. The funding is there so what’s the issue? Who are the microblog competitors to Twitter?