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Off to 'Roo

By - June 12, 2008

Today marks the start of Bonnaroo, and like last year, that’s where I’ll be. Posting may be light, or it may be torrid. I have no idea. I am excited that this time, I go as a partner with the folks behind Bonnaroo, on the Outside Lands festival in August.

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5 thoughts on “Off to 'Roo

  1. Pete says:

    have fun! what a lineup this year…awesome.

  2. konteyner says:

    çok teşekkürler çok güzel paylaşım olmuş eline sağlık.

  3. nmw says:


    BREAKING (BLOOMBERG): Yahoo Strikes Deal With Google as Microsoft Talks End

  4. konteyner says:

    çok iyi olmuş sayfan cidden bayıldım yahu on numara olmuş kaliteli olmuş ne yazdıgımı bilmiyorum yazmak zorunda oldugum içi yazıyorum napıyım lazım işte.

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