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More Departures, Peanut Butter Has Left the Bread

By - June 20, 2008

Brad Garlinghouse, author of the Peanut Butter memo, is out. So is head of search Vish Makhijani. And others. Who will be left? What a mess. Sad, sad mess. Word is that another re-org is on the way. Has to be, because there’s no one left to run it, so it all needs to report to one place. Yahoo is very close to being a distressed property, it feels like. Or is it already?

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8 thoughts on “More Departures, Peanut Butter Has Left the Bread

  1. michael_s says:

    Your too kind to Jerry and Sue and the Board which has been asleep at the wheel for the past 4 years.

  2. nmw says:

    Personally, I wrote that Yahoo was going bust as soon as the news broke:

  3. jenkins says:


    This is where it’s very hard for you to maintain your inside access AND be credible at the same time.

    Yahoo has been in distress for a while now. They guided lower after Semel left and have made several acquistions, none of which align with their strategy du jour.

    Sue Decker has failed, plain and simple. If you think otherwise please tell us what her vision is for the company.

  4. Rajan says:

    Hi John

    On the one hand it does look like a whole lot of folks are feeling.

    On the other hand – if you take a more critical look at the folks who left – what have these guys delivered. Especially Mr. Peanut Butter. There have always been talk about the “potential” to transform Yahoo!’s various community assets into something more powerful. But nothing materialised. (Mr. Flickr’s resignation letter alludes to the same too).

    Yahoo!’s search market share dropped significantly under Mr. Vish’s watch.

    While the exit of these folks may be good – I wonder what the way forward is. IMO, if that is sensible – then all is well. If not – one has to wonder where the organization is headed in the medium term

  5. stone says:

    Decker needs to be fired and someone with amazing product vision needs to take the helm before Yahoo goes the way of Lycos.

  6. John Battelle says:

    @Jenkins – Well, you make a fine point. Perhaps I did not see it till now. Before now I thought somehow it’d pull it out. Now, not so much.

  7. hekim group says:

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  8. This is an opportunity for Yahoo! to reengineer and regroup. If they really want to compete in the search marketplace, they need some new ideas anyway — especially less complex ideas than Yahoo! Pipes.

    Someone has to fill the leadership positions being vacated. That’s not always a bad thing in the long run.