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@CM Summit: Look for News

By - June 09, 2008

Should be a light early week of posting as we’re hosting the CM Summit today and Tuesday. FM will have plenty of news today, I’ll update here when it breaks. Others will have news as well, will do the same.

Update: It’s late, the releases hit the wire in the morning, but FM announced today we signed all sorts of new authors, including Kanye West, Steven Covey, Harry McCracken, DevShed, Anandtech, and tons more, as well as a new CM Toolbox measurement platform. Links when the releases go live….

Here’s the release on the CM Toolbox.

Here’s the release on FM working with Harry McCracken

And here’s the release on FM working with LMCD, partner to Anandtech among several other great sites.

In all, FM has added 28mm uniques and 131mm pageviews to its stable in the past two months.

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6 thoughts on “@CM Summit: Look for News

  1. nmw says:

    From Summize: WWDC traffic is going nuts! We’ve made older tweets temporarily unavailable to keep the service trucking along.

    Could you provide some links where we might be able to track the news — and perhaps provide feedback?

  2. jack liu says:

    i have read your book”the search”.i found your book in our school library,it is very interesting, i like it very much .
    i am a student who studying in fuzhou university in China.
    you konw,my English is very poor,so i can not make myself understood.and i will be very happy to keep touch with you .

  3. Thanks jack, really appreciate it. Assume you read the Chinese version? I hear it’s doing well there!

  4. nmw says:

    There’s talk about measurement — and did comscore say clicks are irrelevant? First links, now clicks, … — what will become the “killer metric” of web 3.0?

  5. steve says:


    Great job with CM Summit. I enjoyed it very much!


  6. prefabrik ev says:

    harikasın sen yaa on numara olmuş sayfa eskisine göre daha iyi olmuş.