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You're Right, Joe

By - May 18, 2008

Joe Duck, in a post about blog ranking systems:

Ironically I think success has really diminished some formerly great blogs. John Battelle is one of the most thoughtful writers on the web but now he’s way too busy with Federated Media to keep Searchblog as lively as it once was.

Thanks for the kind words, Joe. I’ve been reading some of my earlier writing, and it’s true that I don’t have the time I used to to drill down and really think hard out loud. I still do it from time to time – probably about twice a month or so, compared to twice a week back in the day. I really do miss the process of working it out here, and I know over the next year or so, I’ll be back to it. Thanks for keeping me honest.

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2 thoughts on “You're Right, Joe

  1. Marc Meyer says:

    John, I know my machine might not be the fastest, but I know it’s faster than most of the netizens out there, and I have to tell you, it takes awhile for your site to load…Though I’m sure your ads are paying the bills, it sorta sux to have to wait for all of that…

  2. Joe Hunkins says:

    Hi John –

    Sounds good. I trust that like your California Governator…

    “You’ll be back”