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By - May 16, 2008

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FM has partnered with Chevy to create a site that pulls together the best of sites on the web covering all things green. I’ve found it a nice way to stay in touch with a subject I’m increasingly interested in. I use the feed to monitor stuff, and then click through when there’s a story I want to engage in. Sure, it’s an FM project, so all the regular caveats apply. But judge for yourself. And if you don’t like it, well, tell me what we can do to make it better.

This is part of an ongoing trend I’m seeing, both at FM and certainly across the web, where marketers are providing a service to their potential customers in the form of supporting authentic media, as opposed to creating their own content and hoping it takes off. I like the trend.

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3 thoughts on “The Green Web

  1. SorenG says:

    Works for me. Curious how often the Zaproot show will be done. Be nice if it had an easier to remember url.

    Also, cool that Chevy is doing this, but it is not going to help them imho until they actually start making green cars — until they become something people want to talk about. Have not done it yet from what I have seen. Everyone talks about Toyota, Tesla Roadster, the Smart car, or the Think. If Chevy is doing something innovative, I certainly have not heard of it. Nice to have products that match the channel.

  2. çok teşekkürler john cok güzel bi yaklasım olmuş eline sağlık. mesajımı silmeyeceğinden eminim.

  3. Tom Nocera says:

    First, my hat is off to whomever at Federated Media spearheaded the development of this significant and very engaging resource in conjunction with Chevrolet.

    I will spend more time on it, before commenting on improvements – if there are any to be made – but, one thing for sure is that I like the interactivity of it. Obviously, keeping it updated will be important to its long term success.

    But, my first impression is that this is most important “Green Site” to be found anywhere on the whole damn net. You’ve hit this one out of the ball park. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.