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Continuing to Grok Twitter

By - May 11, 2008

Something going on here. And here. Always like to see Steve pondering things. And then the search driven queries in Matthew’s post are great:


working with Canadians

margaritas for lunch

when i know exactly what to do

buttered popcorn jelly beans

Trent Reznor’s lyrics

having lunch with my mom

the rain

my foster parents




talking to my insurance company


when i’m all itchy and stuff

those robotic voices

my work computer

deja vu

the Red Wings



so lost

like i am cramming for a final

like i am being followed

bad but not guilty

extremely safe


like i’m on drugs, minus the high

a little lost




i were going to the ballpark

i was still asleep

i was outside

michigan had more job openings

i knew what bit me last night

i was never born

i could go back and punch myself

i was in nashville

people would do their jobs

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4 thoughts on “Continuing to Grok Twitter

  1. fred wilson says:


    i think you have to use twitter to truly grok it.

    maybe you do, but if so i don’t follow you

    if you haven’t tried it yet, just send a text message to 40404 on your phone and write

    follow fredwilson

    or follow techcrunch

    or follow mathewi

    or follow techmemefh

    or if you are really daring send all four of those messages


  2. Melissa says:

    John, I follow you on Twitter, so I saw you’ve been more active today, but I think you still need to get into a more regular habit of Twittering before you can truly grok what it’s all about.

    Anyway, I find myself explaining to people why they should care about Twitter quite often, so I just wrote up a fairly comprehensive blog post about it… If you’re interested, here is the link:

    And I’m @girk on Twitter, if you want to follow me 🙂

  3. nmw says:

    BTW: I love the background image on Fred’s twitter page — you can clearly recognize how the financial center grew during the era when NYC was an important port — and then you can also recognize how during railroad era midtown Manhattan grew. I wonder how the Internet era will ultimately change the landscape! ;D

  4. confettiguru says:

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    learning about seo
    trees with new leaves
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    getting up
    blow drying
    working out

    outside my body
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