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Bold Is Good, I Hope It's Better Than My Curve

By - May 12, 2008

Via Ars, news of a new BBerry 3G phone. I want one. I love my Curve, except…it chokes on all the mail (about 750 a day) and calendar items (about 60 changes a day) that it has to synch over the air. The phone is unusable for one to five minutes each time it wakes up from an extended period of non-use – the very same time that I need it most (like when I get into my car, have a conference call in two minutes, but have to wait for the little spinning hourglass icon to resolve). I sure hope the BBerry Bold fixes that. But, no matter. When it comes to phones, the BBerry is my Mac – I love to hate it, and hate to love it.

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  • cjl

    I suspect the new 3G iPhone will be your Mac.

  • John Battelle

    @cory you think so? I hate my wife’s iPhone because of the keyboard (or lack of it). Does it have a real keyboard?