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Twitter. Oh God.

By - April 30, 2008

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Thanks to the prodding of Danny Sullivan, I am now on Twitter. God help me. It might mean the beginning of another Searchblog like obsession. I remember when folks said “you blog nearly every day? How do you possibly find the time?!”

More when I learn more.

Update: It’s

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26 thoughts on “Twitter. Oh God.

  1. Joel says:

    Congrats! (and “sorry”). You’ll get used to it–I went kicking and screaming too. How do we follow?


  2. nmw says:

    here’s the link for everyone to pile up on John and finally then maybe that will crash twitter once and for all:

    😀 nmw

  3. cougarmark says:

    I feel your pain. I hope I can figure out a way to use it as well. So far not much luck.


  4. Kate says:

    Yes! Okay, its a horrible addiction, but great for news.

    Let me know when you’re signed up! You’re gonna gain a lot of followers real fast.

  5. Tim Broder says:

    you haven’t even tried it out yet!

  6. There are few time-wasters that are also great marketing tools. Twitter is one of them. Enjoy!

  7. Charlie says:

    I turned up my nose at twitter at first too, but then a week or so ago I got a job interview at a cool startup within about three minutes of the notice being posted, just because I happened to see the tweet go out. I have to admit that’s pretty useful.

  8. Gary says:

    Glad to see you on twitter, John!

    If you like the idea of complete information overload, you might like Once you are following some people it should give you recommendations on other people you might want to follow.

  9. That’s really weird. yesterday i looked you up on twitter, trying several alias, checking friendfeed, but nothing.

    And now here you are. So, what are you doing ?

  10. As long as you’re not compulsive … you’ll love it ! 🙂

  11. Jim Jeffers says:

    You are going to be perfect for twitter the way you post on your blog! Is the link you posted accurate? If not DM me your screen name 🙂

  12. konteyner says:

    It might mean the beginning of another Searchblog like obsession. thanks John.

  13. coxy says:

    I’ve just signed up BECUASE OF THIS POST. I’m not going to use it – but its essential that I grab whilst it’s available.

    (because I’ve checked previously, and it’d been taken)

  14. That’s really weird. yesterday i looked you up on twitter, trying several alias, checking friendfeed, but nothing.Thanks

  15. Elliott Ng says:

    Welcome to the Twitterverse.

    I’m interested search, semantic web, and we’re applying it to the travel vertical at (formerly Kango).

    Glad you decided to take the “red pill”…down into the Twitter rabbit hole you go.

  16. Folks, John has two accounts to protect his name, and the active one is below. Follow him and welcome him there:

  17. Andrew says:


    To really be Twittering you need to follow someone. Right now you’re simply blogging in 140 characters. It’s a one-way medium for you right now. Try following only real world friends (just ~20 or so) and see if it hooks you.

  18. Thomas Hawk says:

    Twitter was so last year. FriendFeed is where the action is now.

  19. Rick Calvert says:

    Andrew beat me to it. He is right John. Start following back your followers, or if you want to be more selective start following the people who’s blogs you normally read. Of course your welcome to follow me =p

    Next stop FriendFeed.

  20. BarbaraKB says:

    Thomas is right: Twitter sooo last year. FriendFeed rawks. But feel free to friend me on Twitter too… ;-D

  21. Cheapsuits says:

    Good Lord! if you are going to do it, do it right. Throw an icon up there man! o_0

  22. Jay Virdy says:


    Also be sure to bookmark–twitter search for tracking keywords, monitoring trends, threading conversations, translating tweets, filtering by language, real-time updates, attitude search, sentiment detection (in and much, much more.

  23. Clara Kuo says:

    Well John, this just happens to be my last Twitter post and I was not originally one of those Twitter geeks…

    “ok I said last post of the day but was wrong M Baker @firefox is right. We don’t just browse the internet, we live on the internet”

    You are caught in the Twitter web now.

  24. John, what Andrew and Rick say: you need to follow people. Twitter really becomes interesting as a way to keep an eye on what your friends/contacts are doing, rather than just a soapbox to express stuff through.

    It’s about conversation!

  25. pilkumara says:

    John has two accounts to the



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  26. James Hipkin says:

    Niedu John. Welcome to Twitter. To repeat, you should follow some folks to get the complete Twiiter experience.