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  • nmw

    I also find the fact that (apparently — if I understand the stats correctly) only 0.34% of all web site contain anything that “qualifies” as advertising — 0.34% seems like a VERY small number! :O

  • NewSunSEO

    Very interesting statistics. I would love to know what the advertising networks will do with the amount of privacy increasing.

  • Rich Pearson

    John / nmw:

    Thanks for pointing out as some of the data is a little misleading. We only reported the top six and cut off most of the really small players.

    Another point that we should have made more clear is that we limited the unique user market share analysis to the top million domains published by Showing the domain count next to this is also potentially misleading.

    Another mitigating factor is that we don’t crawl every domain on a continuous basis – our crawl rate varies by content type, whether we have found a match previously and a few other factors. For example, Attributor crawls news domains multiple times per day, but less so on general interest sites. Another way of thinking about this data is that it represents a snapshot of a point in time in January.

    I hope that helps – feel free to contact me if you have questions.

    I hope that helps – happy to answer other questions.

  • nmw

    oops! if I hadn’t typoed the formula (apparently I multiplied by 199 to get the percentage number) the quoted percentage would have been even lower! :O

    Thanks for the clarification, Rich — though it still seems like it would be more/less the “tip of the iceberg”… hmm — would it be possible for an iceberg to be “loaded” such that only a TINY fraction actually shows?

    ;P nmw

  • Rich Pearson

    No loading whatsoever :-) Because it is a snapshot, we certainly did not detect 100% of the ad server calls for the entire month of January; however, the distribution of “misses” should be random.