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On My Reading List

By - March 27, 2008

Traveling, jet lag, early meetings, not a lot of time to write. But I did draft two big piece on the plane, and hope to polish them on the way home. That said, here are the things that caught my eye as important over the past 36 hours:

Search with privacy via the EFF

Google paid click numbers look anemic via Mashable and Blodget

Yahoo puts its logo in the middle via Philipp (why? I can tell you why…)

More Google to Facebook defections via TC

Add videos to local business profiles at Google via SEL (huh. Is Google asking the web to change behaviors to … help Google win in local?!)

Google and the demographic fix from TC

Biased, dumbass headline of the day from the WSJ

Branding Coming To Search In A Big Way from SEL

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2 thoughts on “On My Reading List

  1. Brinke says:

    Hi John,

    Love your site. I was the one who originally submitted it to Philipp.

    So, why did they move it? Will Yahoo! ever move to an iGoogle customize type format?

  2. Gus says:

    Yes, I’m also curious why Yahoo moved the logo to the center. Please tell us, John?