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Google Goes For More Second Clicks

By - March 06, 2008

Have you seen the onboxed (integrated) site search feature Google rolled out? It looks like this:

G Int Site Search

The results you get look like this:

Google Site Search 2

Notice how there are ads over there on the right? That’s getting the second click.

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10 thoughts on “Google Goes For More Second Clicks

  1. This is really interesting. Do you know if websites ask/agree to be included in this “feature”? Clearly, Google is taking eyeballs away from the site’s own internal search function (and any ads they might display).

  2. TwoXFour says:

    I don’t think it so much gets the “second click” as it gives an opportunity to monetize what has up till now been the “free” click versus the paid click. It’s a direct assault at SEO which gets a free ride by by getting better placement in organic results.

  3. Anyone have any idea when they launched this?

  4. Anyone know when they launched this?

  5. António says:

    Today Henry. People notice it a few days ago, but only today is been rolled. See Search engine Land for further coverage.

    It’s just a guess but I beleive that Google will give webmasters the ability to remove the box, just like they can do with sitelinks.

  6. Yup, I believe today is the big day, though we have been reading about it for at least 2 days already…

  7. ultimatum says:

    I don’t see any difference, its the same as it has always been. What second clicks? Please explain.

  8. I’ve never seen a search box along with the web pages before. I think that it’s an additional feature in Google and it’s not easy to attain – just like sitelinks

  9. Anand says:

    Wow..a simple HTML stuff to implement and it is going to prove the ad clicks all the more. Great, Google!

  10. pchan911 says:

    Yeah, its been “betaing” on many of the big taffic domains

    To get a sense of the results within that box use:
    “key words to search” in the google search

    Its Hit or Miss (in my opinion), for example if I wanted to buy a book off amazon, the secondary search may prove to be faster and better than Amazon’s search. This may result in that free organic click if there were relevant pages crawled by google bot. OR the Second click effect kicks in, but I click through to barnes and noble off the sponsored text ad.

    Which ever the way, I see it as keeping the user on Google, and exposing them to those sponsored listings.