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Can't Lose For Winning: Google on Spectrum

By - March 21, 2008

Love the spin here from the AP, with which I do agree:

Losing the battle for a prized piece of the airwaves isn’t necessarily a setback for Google Inc.1

If anything, Thursday’s news that Verizon Wireless had won the government-run auction for a pivotal swath of spectrum may even have been the ideal outcome for Google.

That’s because investors no longer have to fret about Google straying from its main business of Internet search to spend more than $10 billion buying and building a wireless network.

Yet Google still positioned itself to profit from the newly available airwaves by ensuring the bids for the so-called “C block” escalated to $4.6 billion. Reaching that price triggered a provision that requires the new wireless network to accommodate all mobile devices, including equipment using a software package called “Android” that is supposed to give Google a better opportunity to sell more advertising.

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4 thoughts on “Can't Lose For Winning: Google on Spectrum

  1. Google should remain focused on the internet and dominating the contextual advertising market on the web.

  2. vic berggren says:

    Android is the key… especially now that Verizon will let any standards based device hook-up.

  3. Leon says:

    Google should invest 1 billion dollars every month for teh next 30 months straight buying up all that it can in my opinion.

  4. I don’t think we have heard the last of Google in reference to the airwaves…….my guess is that they will partnership with Verizon.