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Travelin' Again

By - February 06, 2008

Quick trip to NYC, I’m sure while I’m in the air, Google will launch a bid for Sears Holdings…

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6 thoughts on “Travelin' Again

  1. ned says:

    Sears Holdings? Aren’t they a retailer? I don’t get the joke.

  2. jcs says:

    well, I dunno if it means anything, BUT .. the old Sears Corp used to have stock symbol “S”, which now designates Sprint Nextel

  3. courtney benson says:

    Let’s see an old brokerage firm bought Sears and they were known as “stocks and socks” – so what would we call Google and Sears Holdings – search and socks ?

    Info on Sears Holdings Corporation, is publicly traded (NASDAQ: SHLD) parent of Kmart and Sears, Roebuck and Co., is the nation’s fourth largest broadline retailer with over $50 billion in annual revenues and approximately 3,800 full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada.

  4. Kevin Heisler says:

    The brilliant financier and hedge fund manager Eddie Lampert turned around K-Mart and merged it with Sears. The stock is struggling, like Yahoo, but Lampert’s investing strategy is long-term, as is Google’s.

    John’s one liner struck me as funny on so many levels. I can’t guess his “database of intentions” but I’m glad he came up with the absurd notion of Google buying Sears.

    Besides, explaining a joke never works.

  5. Jonas says:

    Google is similar to Sears in many ways. A few core products that people like and a smattering of a lot of other stuff that they probably only break even on.
    The Sears-Kmart situation is outlined on this cross search

  6. Once you arrive in NYC try to catch the last day or two of Legal Tech at the Hilton. We came and this year is one of the best