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4 thoughts on “Oh, Good Lord

  1. Prem says:

    I don’t see a *ouch* in the news. A man has to go where he can be most successful. If Yahoo is not the place, and Google is, good for him. But frankly i expected ex-yahoo personnel to to join/start startups, which can do something radical. At least i really hope they do. Big companies sometimes stop/discourage you from being radical. Any thoughts?

  2. Pixy says:

    This is not a very big surprise for me. After all everyone should look after his interests. If Google offered him a better position and payment, it would be stupid to refuse.

  3. VKM says:

    yahoo has a ton of folks who ideate in the name of innovation. what it really needs now are people who can focus on execution. i think bradley is in the right place.

  4. I must agree with all of the comments. I think moving to Google is a great move for someone with his expertise. When a company is in the position that Yahoo is in, employees will evaluate their options.