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Hulu At IAB

By - February 25, 2008


Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu, gave a very impressive demo today at the IAB. I was prepared to not be impressed. I was wrong. It’s a smart company with a good plan, very customer focused. I can only imagine this is what the folks at YouTube wished they could have done. I have a few nits with what I heard, more after I corner Jason after the event. But honestly, it was pretty damn cool.

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4 thoughts on “Hulu At IAB

  1. I saw Jason’s presentation as well and was very impressed. The success I think- and hope- Hulu will have should have a huge impact on digital marketing growth, especially in the sense that it will shift spend away from traditional TV. This is good news both for the viewers and digital marketers. It would be great to see this implemented on a system like Apple TV’s but without the viewing charges! I wonder who will be the first…

  2. I’m not so sure about YouTube wishing they were Hulu. I bet YouTube wishes Hulu was something like a subsection of their own site and Hulu wishes they had YouTube’s traffic, name recognition, and first to market advantage.

  3. I think YouTube doesn’t wish for anything – their top line user metrics are up 75-100% the past year and their model is and always will be around user generated content, social media and video search. Not to mention they’re closing in on 60M uniques a month. Apples and oranges.

  4. eden says:

    I think Youtube wishes they could make money from that traffic.