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By - February 21, 2008

…can be found here. Not a good month for Yahoo, though it’s hard to say what drove their drop – it was not the core Yahoo sites, it was “all other.”

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One thought on “Comscore Search for Jan…

  1. Joel says:

    Fwiw, I recently completed my own little Yahoo departure. I once depended on and all its core components like address book, calendar, mail, etc. I went in early and used it all for years. I lived there online, and I was an ambassador for Yahoo to everyone I knew.

    These days, I’ve moved my Yahoo Clubs/Groups to Ning; Google provides mail, calendar, notebook, reader, news and blog alerts in addition to search; Remember the Milk dominates tasks and integrates with Google; Firefox carries a lot of the load with tabbed browsing, live bookmarks, easy navigation, add-on’s galore, etc.; cool stuff like Jott and Twitter keep popping up and connect to everything else through feeds, widgets, integrations, etc.; and tons and tons more. Whither Yahoo?

    Two weeks ago, I reviewed old Yahoo components to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind. The accounts are still there, but I don’t visit anymore.

    The one Yahoo platform I do still use a lot is Yahoo Store. It remains an outstanding option.

    I also like their acquisitions such as Flickr and However, I don’t know that this traffic counts for Yahoo. Regardless, I went from a major user and active promoter to a former user and active promoter of other stuff.