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3 thoughts on “Yahoo Integrates Delicious?

  1. Rob says:

    Yes, they have been doing this for at least the past two weeks. I’m surprised that nobody had noticed it.

    Seems that Yahoo tests either by data centre, of by IP address.

  2. Desire Athow says:

    Nice to see that Battellemedia has also integrated Yahoo Search (Search Related Info) in its posts as well. Seriously though, why has Yahoo taken so long to do it? Google’s damn late on that (although Google has another search experiment in its labs –

  3. Sal Cangeloso says:

    Whether it’s happened yet or not, this is a brilliant idea that they should have put into action long ago. Delicious is nothing more than a huge database of links tagged by humans- most of which are proficient users. Think Mahalo times 1000x… Yahoo should have this front and center.