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Yahoo Earnings

By - January 30, 2008

Overall, not bad on its O&O properties, but shakiness in its parnter programs, including ATT and YPN/Panama, where Wall St. hoped they’d hear strong upward guidance. Instead, they heard that Yahoo is going to have another “transition year” in 2008, which sent the stock down. PC coverage.

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4 thoughts on “Yahoo Earnings

  1. Desire Athow says:

    Just a quick word to say that Partner is mispelled in the post

  2. Link Sizzler says:

    Yahoo’s International segment revenue fell 7 percent to $519 million, while the US revenue grew 15 percent to $1.31 billion – It shows that Yahoo can not be complacent in other countries.

  3. ned says:

    “parnter” is not misspelled. It’s a typo.

  4. BREAKING: Microsoft offers $44.6 Billion for Yahoo!

    This comes out to about $31 per share