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Google Losing Search Share? To … Microsoft?

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Wow! If only I trusted Nielsen’s numbers, this would be a big story…

Google garnered a 56.3% share of the U.S. search market in December, compared with a 57.7% share in the previous month, according to Nielsen. Yahoo Inc., meanwhile, saw its share in December fall slightly to 17.7%, compared with 17.9% in November…Microsoft Corp. was the only company among the three largest search providers to see an increase in December, as its share rose to 13.8% of the U.S. market from 12% the previous month, according to Nielsen.

Mail That Baby, Baby

By - January 20, 2008

I was going to wait to post this till the start of a mobile posting campaign that Microsoft is very kindly launching, but I just can’t let it wait (for those who might care, Microsoft is going to underwrite a bunch of FM authors, including me, posting mobile stuff like photos and maps and voice posts). Anyway, I was in JFK airport and I saw an arresting image in a Pitney Bowes ad.

Dumb Baby

Now, what does Pitney Bowes do? Well, turns out I have some knowledge in this area, as my father, ever the itinerant entrepreneur, tried to compete with Pitney in the 80s by creating a better postage meter. He didn’t get very far. Pitney is the Microsoft of postage meter companies. They own the market.

So they are doing a corporate campaign, apparently, and somehow, they came to the conclusion that slapping postage on a newborn baby – wait, let me say it – a not very pretty newborn baby – is somehow a powerful statement of corporate purpose. (That bracelet is actually a postage label).

Now, am I off here, or does this simply offend at too many levels to really go into? Do they really want to be seen as “putting a stamp” on newborn babies? Are they out of their minds? Anyway, a funny ad, a funny photo, taken as I was, perhaps, a bit funny myself, given I was two beers in waiting for my delayed flight…

Which Year Is It?

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Name the year this was written:

Yahoo offered details of its long-awaited turnaround strategy… hinging its future on advertising, exclusive paid content and revenue-sharing deals with Internet access providers…..Yahoo executives gave some specifics regarding a long-expected corporate restructuring, saying that they will whittle down Yahoo’s 44 business units to six: listings, commerce, communications, media, access and enterprise. In addition, the company will lay off 400 employees, or 13 percent of its work force.

That is from a November 2001 article in Cnet, and yes, it sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

More Pressure on Yahoo From Wall St.

By - January 19, 2008

Yahoo’s Ripe for Shake-Up from the WSJ’s “Breaking Views” column is quite a read. It argues that the sums of Yahoo’s parts, in particular its holdings in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba, which combine for more than a third of Yahoo’s overall market cap, should be spun off, as should its search business (I’ve argued that for some time now.) Interesting.