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By - January 14, 2008

I love Kara’s take on Microsoft merging with Yahoo:

But that’s kind of like stitching together Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich and getting a potential front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Maybe with some Yankee determination, the two will make it happen. But I kind of doubt it. Microsoft has a lot on its plate just making aQuantive pay off this year…on the other hand, Microsoft kind of needs it…and so does Yahoo..

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8 thoughts on “MSFT YHOO

  1. Desire Athow says:

    Microsoft to buy Yahoo? I reckon Google will be the big winner as Microsoft will have a hell lot of a hard time trying to find out how to fit Yahoo in the pic. aQuantive is a different story since there are very little overlapping…

    But Yahoo and Microsoft… It’s like a python trying to swallow a croc… There are at least 20 different services that would need to be sorted from Yahoo Mail to Yahoo Pipes.

    Google will probably be ecstatic since they will only have one moving target to aim at. Please Microsoft, don’t do the same mistake as Compaq and HP. Carla was defo wrong at that time.

    PS : How come no post on Facebook looking to buy Plaxo?

  2. Petter Karal says:

    “Tie two birds together, even though they have four wings they cannot fly”—Circle of Iron

  3. Jenkins says:

    Yahoo’s on a 5 year death march.

  4. John says:

    It’s a shame. Yahoo has some very interesting web properties. If they could just tie them together better…or something. I agree with Desire and Petter. Google would gladly trade two competitors for one. And MS and Yahoo are both more lost than Google. So a buyout would only give Google a big advantage while MSFTYHOO figures out what to do.
    I would rather see Yahoo solidify their products more to give Google some competition.

  5. Jenkins says:

    Yahoo suffers from a lack of vision, poor execution (Panama took 2 years longer than required), and flat domestic traffic. All signs of a company very close to its decline phase.

  6. Desire Athow says:

    What about a merger or stock swap between Facebook and Yahoo… Yahoo’s only twice as big as Facebook anyway and MS is an investor in Facebook.

  7. Jenkins says:

    As bad as yahoo is these days Facebook hasn’t proven much to justify their valuation. Yahoo has billions in revenue. Facebook may never get there. I think that private equity ends up buying Yahoo if and only if they miss a quarter in 2008.

  8. Gordon Whiting says:

    Yahoo has a huge and valuable base of undesktopped users. They become the target audience for nexgen MSFT mobile apps. No one should doubt that MSFT has the chops for great software, and this gives them the focus they need. I see it as strong competition to Google, which will be great for users.