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More Pressure on Yahoo From Wall St.

By - January 19, 2008

Yahoo’s Ripe for Shake-Up from the WSJ’s “Breaking Views” column is quite a read. It argues that the sums of Yahoo’s parts, in particular its holdings in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba, which combine for more than a third of Yahoo’s overall market cap, should be spun off, as should its search business (I’ve argued that for some time now.) Interesting.

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4 thoughts on “More Pressure on Yahoo From Wall St.

  1. Jenkins says:

    Sorry, but spinning out their search business is a terrible idea. Why? Because it’s declining and would look awful as a standalone company.

  2. The irony of this entire scenario is that Yahoo search IS becoming more relevant – light years ahead of its Inktomi days.

    It is about as relevant as Google was two years ago.

    If they had just put this much effort into relevancy during the time they were the search leader – look at how their fortunes would have changed.

    One also wonders how their circumstances would have changed if they had continued to use Google for their organic SERPs?

    They are really putting an effort into their search – but there is just little reason now for the average casual searcher to NOT use Google. They might use Yahoo if they are on the Yahoo property – but fewer are going to Yahoo just to search like they did a few years ago.

    It is also interesting the Yahoo News and Yahoo Videos are doing better than Google’s offerings

    Of course, it is great for any Webmaster or SEO to NOT be totally dependent on one search engines – so it is great that Yahoo and MSN can still bring traffic even it one’s rankings disappear in Google. But Google has become COOL with extremely successful branding – Yahoo just never established the same bond after peaking.

  3. zach says:

    Yahoo! Video is doing better then Google’s video offering — ever heard of YouTube?

    Not sure Yahoo! has the financial and human capital to compete long term against Microsoft and Google, so while some short-term layoffs will improve their operating margins in the short term — is it going to change the end-game.

  4. Brian says:

    Can’t read the article. Did WSJ terminate their free-articles-on-inbound-links policy?