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GOOG Makes a Comeback

By - January 24, 2008

The support for GOOG came out today, the stock clearly felt oversold yesterday. It closed today at 574, up nearly 5%. A commentor noted on my post from earlier in the week that Google has an unusual program that keeps its options in the clear despite being underwater. Wonder where that charge might show up in the SEC reporting?

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3 thoughts on “GOOG Makes a Comeback

  1. Hiroko says:

    They list it in their 10Q under “restricted stock units”, and show how much are vested, etc., just like options.

  2. Chris says:

    There is an options trading market that Googlers can use, on which options are sold for more than they are currently worth due to time-value considerations. I.e., someone might be willing to buy and $500 option for $100 if they think the stock will break $600 in the future (though the option might only be worth $74 today). This means that an underwater option can be worth something on the options-trading market.

  3. A says:

    “clearly felt oversold yesterday”

    If i wanted to read mindless day-trading investment dribble like that, there are plenty of other places to go.

    Google and other successful companies think long-term, not day to day.