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Deal with Data Portability, Facebook

By - January 04, 2008

It’s just that simple. Deal with it.

And I think FB will. I have seen commentary on Digg and elsewhere to this end:

Facebook won’t join Open Social, and you can forget about the pipe dreams of the Data Portability movement. The simple fact is, as the market leader, there is no benefit for or strategic advantage in Facebook making your data available to you in any format you wish.

I disagree. I think FB will open up. It’s in their best interest.

Update: Scoble is back in the good graces of Facebook, that is to say, he is no longer banned. But I think the issue is pretty clear cut, and has to do with what is commodity, and what is unique. I have a post in me on this, that will come.

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2 thoughts on “Deal with Data Portability, Facebook

  1. quadszilla says:

    I pretty much completely disagree. I can’t imagine a scenario where making it easier for your customers to go to competing services, as well as making it easier for your competitors to create competing services, could possible be in Facebook’s best interest.

    I can see how it would be nicer for the uber-geeks who want to be on 50 social networking sites. But how does that help facebook?

  2. dan blumberg says:

    what does it mean that facebook is the market leader?